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The four year project was designed to develop a base line inventory of Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles by focusing research efforts on the islands of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and for a comparison to the Lesser Antilles mycota, St. John, US Virgin Islands. The Long Term Ecological Research site at El Verde in Puerto Rico serves as one of our main continuously sampled tropical rainforest sites. The habitats available for study vary widely on the different islands, e.g. from tropical rainforests in Puerto Rico to high elevation Pinus occidentalis forest in the central mountains of the Dominican Republic. Some of these habitats are literally in the clouds. We have predicted an inventory of over 2000 species, with a fair number, perhaps 12-15%, of these collections turning out as new to science. On the previous page are a list of individuals who have worked or are currently working on the grant and some of the fungi we have catalogued so far.